Monday, 30 May 2011

EVE life: PVP

So, you have started your eve life and choose pvp is the way to go and you are sitting there thinging what am I going to do about this well first thing you need to know is that the sec status of a system effects how and if you can pvp.

High sec:

high sec is pretty much non pvp unless you are against war targets however there is a way around the concord interference this includes getting the player you want to fight to steal from a can you have placed this will make him read to you meaning you can agrees also if you steal from their can and if they agrees you, you can then agrees back this can be done in a variety of ways but is often talked about as "can flipping".

Low sec:

Low sec pvp is very complicated here is a vid that should be able to help as it is simply to much for me to right down with out being to much.

Hopefully this will help you it is pretty much everything you need to know to be a pirate in lowsec but if anti piracy is a thing you can use this vid and abit of common sence and you will be able to work it out for yourself.

Null sec (0.0)

This is where I spend most my life pvping and here there is no aggression or anything to stop you and you can shoot any player without influence from gate guns or concord however null sec is much more complicated especially in player owned space they will have intel channels which are (suppose most are fail) to watch your every move so you will be hunted so if you are going here make sure you are in ships that can fight it out or gtfo if needed also ships that can get away from gate camps.

So you know the areas here is some important facts you need to know:

Session timer:

So, you have jumped into a gate camp with a fast ship and are preparing to "burn" (go as fast as you can) to the gate and jump back through however when you jump in you must remember that for 30 seconds you cant jump again but don't worry your cloak does last longer than this. You can get a little circle in the top right of your screen to tell you when you have a session time this can be done in the setting page.

Aggression timers: so you have engaged a enemy on a gate or friendly/dock-able station and suddenly hostile start piling in its a trap you try to dock/jump but you cant this is due to your aggression time when you agrees anyrthing player owned you can not jump through gates or dock for 30 second this includes not only player ships but cans and player owned structures also. So you need to keep this in mind when attacking object/ships on or near stations and gates as it could be the end of you.

So there you go a few basics for pvp in EVE sorry there is not many pretty pics ect had no idea what to put in
:/ will try and get more posts up I plan to get one up about minecraft next for a change.


Sunday, 29 May 2011

Just a quick one

yer sorry not blogged laitly like had planned to will try to get one in tomorrow been busy recently with terria (hope I have spelt it right) awesome game I do suggest trying it out :)

will try and get a blog up about pvp in eve tomorrow

Happy hunting,


Thursday, 26 May 2011

Starting in eve

So next in my line of explanation of the start of eve is how to get started this is going to be short and sweet and much of the start is down to you and what course and career you choose to take in eve weather it be pve, pvp ect.

So you have created your nice pretty character and are eager to get down to some eve playing here is some easy steps to get you started in your first hour of playing.
1. Training queue.

Make sure you get a skill in this queue your race of frigate is probs a good start all you need to do is open the character window and then skills and it is pretty self explanatory from there.

2. tutorial missions

These are boring okay but they do help you out in getting started in your eve career.once these are done you should have started to get to grips of the very basics of the game and understand what the fuck you are doing.

3. Join a corp

Look around for a corp that is happy to help you and fits what you want so you can get to enjoy it and the game. The corp should be able to help you with the rest of your eve life.

The first two months of the game are boring constantly waiting for that ship you need ect but trust me after that it really starts to pick up and you will really start to enjoy the game more :)

will try to get a few more career specific blogs in within a few days.

Look forward to speaking to you again :)


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

WTF is eve online

So for people that have seen this blog and read my first post might be like what is this eve online this guy is on about well it is a MMO thats a good start basic's of it is your a a character that buys and fly ships you start off in the smaller ships and can work your way up to more advanced bigger ships such as:

the drake a battle cruiser and one of the most over used ships in the game however it is more than you might thing I cant fit it all in one post and will try to get onto different sections.

Another major part of eve has to be the null sec this is space that can be controlled by players stations and everything in these player hold systems are built by players (there are some npc null sec regions) there are then 3rd party programs that help show what space people own here is a example:

seems complicated well it is but after playing for a while you really start to understand the game more at first it is hard but you can get into it after a while.

Is there pvp omg yes all the player owned space is fight able for and can be conquered you can also fight in npc owned space and there is different ranks of space from high sec to low sec to 0.0 or null sec more will be explained at a latter date. If you wana see pvp you can check out you tube and just type eve online pvp here is a example vid to save you the effort of typing and clicking :P

there is much more this is just one vid think it is a good one there is alot so cant remember which ones I have watched and which ones I have not so my bad if it is a bad one.

Thanks for reading


First blog ever :D

So this is the first blog I will ever do and I have no idea man :L but I do plan to do it on games mostly all computer games cause they are the best of course :D I will look at the games themselves and what they are like wont be a massive variation cause I am pretty much addicted to eve online so don't play many games that often apart from minecraft of course :D thumbs up for minecraft \0/.

But anyway yer I will give a overview of it different Ideas of it and not just eve online that will probs we one of the first ones I do also reviews of different items the the games and also I will show you guys some of the minecraft projects me and some mates do, look forward to it :)

And before I get them comments from 5 years olds going " can I join your server " no no you cant ¬¬

But anyway will probs get my first real blog out in the next day or so got exam time so will be intresting but looking forward to it.

peace out

Garysip1 :D